The Mental Health Assessment is a tool that can be used during your patients waiting room experience. While cutting back on idle time, this sophisticated mental health questionnaire asks the patient very detailed questions related to their mental fitness. As a result, patients are not sitting for long periods of time and doctors are able to create and establish a very curated care plan for their patient.

How It Works

‚ÄčThe test can be utilized on any type of patients who have chest/heart-centered complaints so they can be tested for the following:

  • The survey is an online testing center taken with a computer, tablet or mobile devices

  • Simple, intuitive interface allows patients to quickly complete accurate assessments in minutes

  • Powerful software dynamically evaluates questions in real-time and instantly returns a comprehensive patient assessment

  • It takes approximately 30 minutes to be completed by the patient

  • The questions are multiple choice style and are very simple to answer

  • It is usually taken during idle waiting room time periods

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