Alpha 7 Medical will be a driving force in the economic acceleration for minority healthcare providers through today’s most efficient software tools and technologies. Our vision is to help provide better healthcare for our clients patients, and positive impact for their stakeholders. We will make a shift in the medical industry, by building on it’s foundation –  minorities and their healthcare. We will become an industry leader through our dedication to not only improving patient care, but our promise to increase the economic performance of the providers; and ultimately our communities.

Our Vision

We Believe

  • Minority doctors are essential to minority healthcare

  • Technology is the driving force in our medical innovation

  • The minority dollar is the strongest dollar in the world

  • Medical and STEM education for minorities should be world class

  • And most of all, that better medicine should be intentional and obtainable

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*Alpha 7 Medical does not own the box, medicus rx, max pulse, oneswab, or medical outcome systems logo.  These are technologies we use to help medical practices optimize their operations.