We are client-centered and patient-focused because in medicine, everyone should win. Our goal at Alpha 7 Medical is to help medical practices increase revenue, while improving their patient experiences. This is achieved through the use of best in class technology and business methods that result in a practice that is more profitable, employees that are less stressed and patients that are happier.

Our Mission

We Believe

  • Positive patient experiences are the heartbeat of practice longevity

  • Minority doctors can increase their bottom lines, while increasing overall value

  • Minority doctors can increase their bottom lines, while decreasing costs

  • Medical treatments should be curated for patients, but highly efficient for providers

  • You and your patients know what’s best, so we respect the experts

  • We will be long-term and active partners that help you obtain success within your business

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*Alpha 7 Medical does not own the box, medicus rx, max pulse, oneswab, or medical outcome systems logo.  These are technologies we use to help medical practices optimize their operations.