Case Study One: Dr. White

Updated: May 18, 2018

This case study describes the activities, interactions and revenue improvement at the practice of Dr. White (25 patients per day and he was only testing on 3 to 7 a day) using the A7M Max Pulse heart health assessment. What does Max Pulse do ? Max Pulse checks all the current attributes that the patient’s heart demonstrates in a clear and easy to understand context for the physician and patient.

The assessment is performed at the physicians office in less than 5 minutes at the cost of approximately $80 dollars per patient. This is a reduction by half of the time Dr. White previously spent assessing heart health, with a 20% increase in amount charged to the patients Medicare and Medicare. This change not only frees up time for the physician, but it also increases revenue derived per patient of about $ 20 dollars. 

When these dollars are extrapolated to Dr. Whites practice he has consistently seen an increase of $7500.00 dollars per month net to his bottom line with the before mentioned increased time freed up for other activities. This obviously has been a positive for Dr. White that has been replicated at other practices. This even more encouraging when it is noted that this increase in revenue will be matched when Dr. Williams is using the Mental Health Tool consistently in his practice. To reiterate this will bring his monthly net revenue increase to $15,000.  This said, we invite you to investigate with us at A7M whether this adjustment in Heart Health and Mental Health Assessments fits for your practice.

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